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Single cat
1 cat €13 per day
Two cats sharing
2 cats €19 per day
Three cats sharing
3 cats €24 per day
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Chatil de Lomagne

Practical information

Where are we?

We're in (82) the Tarn et Garonne, in the rural and hilly Coteaux de Lomagne, between Lavit and Beaumont, 50 minutes from Blagnac, Auch, Montauban, Agen and L'Isle Jourdain.

Our guests come and stay from far and wide, including: Colomiers, Cornebarrieu, Pibrac, Blagnac, Cadours, St Antonin Noble Val, St Clar, Mauvezin, Beaumont de Lomagne. Angeville and St Arroumex,

We may be able to collect and deliver your cat, depending on availability.

Cat counting the cash

Pricing information

Arrival and departure days are counted as stay-days.

1 cat

One cat

€13 per day

(This includes food, litter, toys, TLC)

Example, one cat for 10 days (say from the 7th thru 16th of the month)

€13 x 10 = €130

2 cats

Two cats

€19 per day

(Cats from the same household sharing a chalet)

Example, two cats for 12 days (say from the 14th thru 25th of the month)

€19 x 12 = €228

3 cats

Three cats

€24 per day

(Cats from the same household sharing a chalet)

There are two supplements to this pricing...

Firstly an additional €25 each time we have to take your cat to the local vet (includes making the appointment and keeping you updated).

Secondly, for bedroom compartment heating (24/7) in winter, €4 per day.

The busiest times are July/August and Christmas/New Year.

Our first Christmas booking last year was at the beginning of April.

Cat driving a car

A note on more senior cats:

Elderly cats are fed 3 or 4 times daily, very small portions. Owners usually provide their food.

Cat driving a car


Most cats which don't travel often don't travel well. It's very stressful for them. Usually when they leave home in a travel box it's to go to the vet's.

Here are some travel tips...

No dry food for breakfast on the travel day, but water should always be available.

Put kitchen paper or newspaper in the bottom of the travel cage, it's easier to clean later. Please don't use babies nappies, they don't compost.

Stay calm yourself, plan to catch, load, and bring your cat here before you return home to get your own suitcases out. Cats are ultra-sensitive to your changes in routine and behaviour, and suitcases look and smell different.

Cat with a ruck sack

What to pack for your cat?

Vaccination book, completed and signed veterinary questionnaire, bed/blanket (clean), a favourite toy, and special food (if appropriate).

Human Accommodation

There is a small summer studio gîte to rent on site, useful to know if you are travelling or house hunting.


We are members of the professional union SNPCC

Many of our owners have adopted their cat from an adoption centre...

Chats du Quercy

Chats Libres de Colomiers


CNF PRO Actualisation de Connaissances

CNF PRO Regime Sanitaire

Amazone Consultantes Convoyeur d'animaux vivants

SFC CETAC du SFC & ENV de Toulouse

DSV 82039-ACD

UK Feline Advisory Bureau Boarding Cattery Course

Siren 495094609

Just in case...

DSV agreed vet:

Vétérinaires S. Oudart C. Mailho, Beaumont de Lomagne

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Contact us

(+33) 05 63 26 12 72
Please leave a message if no one picks up and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note that all visits are strictly by appointment only.

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